FAST-TAP : maximize your home sale profit and sell faster!

We'll Update Your Fixer Upper With Our Money, Sell It Quickly & Get You More Profit At The End, Without You Spending A Dime.

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Fast-Tap Gives You More Profit When Selling Your Home!



 You have EQUITY in your house or rental property. You would love To SELL; but Requires Updates.You don't have the FUNDS, SKILLS, or TIME to handle. Selling your home  "As Is" will get LESS THAN THE MAXIMUM VALUE.



 FAST-TAP will visit your home, assess + quote on agreed aesthetic improvements and then INVEST the money On The Upgrades SELL the house For Its Maximum Value -Increase your PROFIT -- Sharing 50% For Each Side.  

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At The End You Will Sell The House Quickly, Will  receive EXTRA PROFIT for Its Sale, Fast-Tap Will Recover the investment And Everybody WINS- All Without You Spending a Dime Or Time in The Process. A Truly WIN-WIN Situation!

See How It Works With Real Numbers!


Your House In Good Shape Could Sell For $700k, But It Needs $100k In Repairs That You Don't Have. If You Need To Sell It "As Is" It Would Only Net $500k leaving a lot of money that could go to you if the house gets renovated instead and sold for its maximum value 


Fast-Tap Program Invests $100k, House Sells For $700k And The Extra Profit Of $100k Gets Shared With You The Owner 50% Profit From The Fixed Up Sale. Many Times There Is A Larger Profit Margin Because There Is Only One Settlement.Settlements Cost A Lot Of Money  

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At The End Of The Process Eeverybody Wins:

$700k (Home Sale Price) - $500k( Owner's Original) - $100k (Invested Money) = $100k In Profits (Gets Shared 50% Each) And The Owner Takes Home An Extra $50k

Fast-Tap Process is Simple and Stress FREE!



If  you think your home qualifies and you want to see the details, please contact Turn Around Properties LLC (TAP)  for a detailed estimate of how the Fast-TAP Program would be applied to your home.  We will give you an honest documented assessment of your home’s current value and what you would net after a sale in its current As-is condition 



Our evaluation will be based on comparable properties sold and an evaluation of the settlement costs and time associated with all inspections and required actions like termite treatment.  Then we will give you a detailed estimate of all costs associated with upgrading and selling your home through the Fast-TAP program.   

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We will take the above agreed upon home basis, add the expected expenses Turn Around Properties will spend for a detailed scope of work to upgrade and remodel your home, show you the closing costs we will incur and the profit split you will realize from partnering with Turn Around Properties LLC in the upgrade using the Fast-TAP program.  This will put more money in your pocket

Real Testimonial!

Lucy Lamb, Owner of 4078 Duke Street, Alexandria ,VA

 “I had renters for several years and for some reason, they just packed up one day and left the house in shambles. I did not want to put any more money into it and neither wanted to give away the house at a bargain to flippers and investors, so I looked online and found out about TAP . I contacted them right away and they came and explained everything. My house was worth 425k, but I only could it sell it on as is conditions for $300k. The Fast -TAP Program invested $41k and remodeled the place without me spending a dime and at the end I was able to MAKE AN EXTRA $34K. This FAST-TAP Program is a blessing

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Video Showing How Fast-Tap Works in Real Life

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The Fast-TAP Program is a Better Way


Don't Fall for Any of the so called " Fair Cash Offers" Without Checking our Fast-Tap Program first

If you are in need of selling your home for any reason, but requires updates that you can't afford, PLEASE DON'T GIVE IT AWAY TO FLIPPERS OR INVESTORS AT A DISCOUNT. Now with our Fast-Tap Program we can invest the money, remodel the property without you spending a dollar and get you more money at the end!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes my home qualify for fast-tap?


A:  We would assess your home and make sure it can be remodeled and sold for more profit.  It will depend on what you owe and what the condition of the home is.  The entire idea is to unlock the potential put more money in your pocket 

Q: How Long With The Average Renovation Take?


A:  As Long As Were Not Putting On An Addition Or Second Story The Renovations Can Be Done An House For Sale In 30-45 Days . We Will Give You A Firm Schedule When We Qualify Your Home And Agree On The Scope Of Renovations To Be Done.

Q: What if I decide not to sell after you renovate the home?

 A:  Fast tap will still be owed the expenses and half of the expected profit.  Still a great deal for the homeowner  

Q: Who lists our house when the renovations are done?


A:  We are partnered with RE/MAX Allegiance and will be more competitive than others.  You are welcome to use your own agent as long as we agree to the list price and terms. 

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We will give you an honest documented assessment of your home’s current value and what you would net after a sale in its current As-is condition.

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